The Ultimate Guide to Going Back to School (The Easy Way)

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Simple Routine

Getting back into the swing of school life isn't just about the actual day of sir. It's also about the run up to the big day. I say BIG day because most parents are DESPERATE for their kids to get back to school. Preparation is key here, that and routine.

Take a look at this checklist below which helps you to prepare before school starts.


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Useful Tips

Some older children that are returning to school may find this checklist useful.

It's a list of school hacks, tips and useful stuff that may assist you through those harder years at school. If any of these "hacks" actually work then it's worth surely a go.

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Survival Kit For Girls

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I love this survival kit, although useless for all boys (well most), this is great fun and gives a glimpse into the world of high school girls. 

Did you need such a survival list for school?

Could you suggest anything better?


So in conclusion...

Just write a list of all the essential items that your child MUST have on the first school day and speak to them. They may be able to suggest other things.

Get them to start going to bed at a reasonable time and the night before, get everything ready.


Then sit back and relax, with a smug look upon your face knowing that your child won't be the one that forgets something important on their first day back.

Don't worry it'll soon be Christmas!!

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