Why Unicorn Birthday Parties Makes Us “Feel Good” & Refreshed

  Looking for something a bit different? Stablemates in Woodford Halse This year, for my daughters 5th Birthday party we fancied something a little different. We asked her what she would like, “A UNICORN PARTY!” was her reply. Okay, fair enough, that seems to be all the rage at the moment so why not, we … Continue reading “Why Unicorn Birthday Parties Makes Us “Feel Good” & Refreshed”

Varta Product Review

  How Varta saved my life! Imagine the music that is played in a movie, when the lead actor is hanging perilously on the edge of a mountain. A sheer drop below them, the possibility of death a real threat. Well, just pretend that that music is playing now. For those who lack serious imagination … Continue reading “Varta Product Review”

Innovative Danish Design – Teebee Toy Box

Teebee – A Toy Box For Kids On The Go As you all know, I am all about days out and normally travel by car. If a kid isn’t glued to a tablet/phone then they can cause havoc in the backseat. Arguing, shouting, crying and the classic question “Are we there yet?” can all drive … Continue reading “Innovative Danish Design – Teebee Toy Box”

Great Value Summer Clothes for Girls – Top Picks

George at Asda Dresses& Shorts Pretty T-Shirts   I will soon be making a trip to my local ASDA (Milton Keynes), as the store there is MASSIVE!! Massive store = Massive choice I have bought clothing for my daughter, aged four, from George at ASDA before and have always found that their range is of … Continue reading “Great Value Summer Clothes for Girls – Top Picks”