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Darren Lawson

Hello, I'm Darren – the brains behind UK Fun Family Days Out, one of the finest and most creative websites to find perfect day out ideas for you and your family.

I am happily married and have three children, 1 boy aged 12 and 2 girls, aged 4 and 18!

I work full time and so do all of this at night. My website launched in June 2017, "officially", and has had lots of unique visitors to date. I have a high level of engagement on my facebook page / groups, one of which has more than 15,000 followers. 

If you want to contact me then email ukfunfamilydaysout@mail.com

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Members Thoughts

It's nice to know that I really am making a difference to peoples lives by getting them free days out, offering valuable information and making what can normally be a hectic family life just that little bit easier.

I really do appreciate peoples thoughts and comments and try to reply to all of them.


Donna Price

"So thanks to winning the Competition and many attempts to get there. We finally made it today (30/04/17) This place has so much to do @ Chatsworth House."

Leanne Painter

"Thanks to this group we have just got back from a great free day out at the Countryfile Live show. Thank you :)"

Leonie Burlace

"Thank you accepting me into this group and thank you to the groups creator for taking time to check all this stuff out to help families who have to search and tear their freaking hair out with stress looking for stuff to do with the kids! :)"